HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) has been in place since 1996. Despite this, many in the health care industry are slow to properly enact its provisions, particularly requirements pertaining to the storage, integrity, and transmission of patient information. Mission Multiplier is here to help.

Policy: More Than You Think

Many health care providers consider HIPAA to only be about keeping adequate medical records, keeping them under lock and key, and ensuring that staff do not accidentally divulge sensitive patient information to other patients. There's much more to it than that, including:

  • Performing Risk Analysis and Management
  • Applying Administrative Safeguards
  • Applying Physical Safeguards
  • Applying Technical Safeguards
  • Creating Policies and Procedures
Patient Security Means Cybersecurity Too

HIPAA encompasses a multitude of cybersecurity-related controls that require both technical and administrative mechanisms to remediate security deficiencies. Among other things, organization may require:

  • Periodic vulnerability scans of networks
  • The establishment of an Incident Response Team or an Change Control Board
  • Formally codified policies for the training of staff members
  • A large variety of requirements even beyond these examples

Mission Multiplier is here to help with this and more. With our ISSO-as-a-Service offering, we can work to ensure organizations stay compliant to HIPAA and, more importantly, ensure that the organization and patient information remain secure.

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With Mission Multiplier’s ISSO-as-a-Service offering, companies can now access proven cyber subject matter experts on an on-demand basis to help satisfy the latest cyber regulations, and for a fraction of the price of hiring a full-time information systems security officer.

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