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Business Impact Assessments

It’s easy to spend too much on cybersecurity when the assets that need protection remain unknown. Define those critical assets and evaluate the organizational impact of a security failure with Mission Multiplier’s Business Impact Assessment.

Assess Disruptions

What would happen if your system was disrupted? Mission Multiplier delivers a top-down approach to assess the impact of security failures on your established business processes. Expect a thorough BIA to identify:

  • The processes truly critical to your business
  • Financial and operational impacts of disruptions
  • The IT applications and other resources that support key business processes
  • Personnel critical to performance of each process
  • How access to those processes would be effected by a breach
  • The priority order for process recovery

Maximum allowable downtime before processes must be recovered

Revelations Put to Use

Quantifiable results from your Business Impact Assessment. Industry-specific benchmark BIA data. Combine the two with Mission Multiplier’s expertise and you get:

  • A comprehensive outlook at the impact a security failure would have on your organization
  • Actionable steps to improve your security posture
  • Solid recommendations on how much your organization should be spending on cybersecurity
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