“All Points is proud to state that Mission Multiplier continues to provide peerless cybersecurity solutions to our organization. As a services provider to customers such as NASA, Army Material Command, and Army Contracting Command, cybersecurity is a top priority for our organization in order to contribute to the overall security of our clients and the Nation as a whole. Mission Multiplier has met our requirements towards this end time and time again. From assisting us with the application of the Risk Management Framework (RMF), to the implementation of our program to adhere to DFARs 252.204-7012, to providing innovative technical solutions to monitor and control our networks, to conducting cybersecurity training, Mission Multiplier has been our inclusive resource for all things cyber. All Points fully recommends Mission Multiplier for meeting any and all cybersecurity needs.”

Phil Monkress, CEO All Points Logistics


     “Mission Multiplier provided competent, professional, and flexible guidance in navigating the NIST 800-171 compliance maze.  Their solutions were tailored to the needs Of Nextek and cost effective for the solutions provided.  This allowed Nextek to focus on its core mission: producing quality Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS).”

John Roberts, President/ CEO Nextek, Inc.

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